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"The end" in my favorites: Winning only helps SKN

“The end” in my favorites: Winning only helps SKN

SKN St. Pölten: Against FK Austria Wien (From 4pm live and exclusively on Sky Sport 12 – with the Sky X Dream Pass, you can stream games live!The Lower Austrians are in desperate need of victory to be able to avoid last place and thus threaten to relegate.

Due to a 3: 3 draw against Altach in Round 30, SKN could already be below the 2020/21 season. This would be official in the event of a defeat or draw, but the win could also be insignificant under certain circumstances: if Altach scored against Ried and Admira wins at Hartberg, it would be three points too little for a SKN free kick.

Vienna St. Pölten’s favorite scene of the last chance

An example from the Bundesliga past proves that the starting position is difficult, but not impossible: in the 2002/03 season, Schwarz-Weiss-Briggs also had two days before the end of the match with five points behind the rescue bank.

Vorarlberg then won the remaining two games of the season, including a 2–0 away win over Austria, thus fixed relegation. On the other hand, opponent Reid at that time lost the last two games and was eventually forced to relegate.

Schmidt and Huggie are old / new hopes

But not only the past provides confidence: in at least the last game the attacking strength returned, the three goals in one match meant more goals in 90 minutes compared to the previous seven games combined. Alexander Schmidt and the role of Huggie met for the first time since January and December respectively and together they created something new: For the first time, two SKN players directly participated in a hat-trick in a Bundesliga match.

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