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Germany's car production edge is shrinking

Germany’s car production edge is shrinking


According to a study, Germany, as the largest European site for car production, has lost its importance in the past five years. Management consulting firm AlixPartners said on Monday that the share of vehicle production in the European Union fell by 6 percentage points to 22 percent between 2015 and 2020. As the second strongest producer, Spain increased slightly to 14 percent, while France lost more than a point. One percentage to 8 percent.

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Germany is losing its position as a site for car production

Among the winners were Russia and Turkey with 8% each, Slovakia (6%) and Romania (3%). This was due to the auto suppliers moving production to eastern or southeastern Europe, as the analysis shows. Because the level of wages in these countries is about half of what it is in Germany.

Poland, in particular, is enjoying strong growth with a wide range of automotive components. In addition to Romania and Hungary, Italy also managed to score points as a site for auto suppliers and keep its total share of production in Europe stable at five percent. The production of electric cables and power electronics attracted newcomers to Serbia, North Macedonia and Morocco. According to AlixPartners, the transportation trend continues: “In 2020, the top ten German auto suppliers announced the closure of factories or the transfer of production to Germany.”

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