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Germany's Next Top Model: Finale without Heidi Klum – Liz Hurley takes over

Germany's Next Top Model: Finale without Heidi Klum – Liz Hurley takes over

In the fourth episode, the waves of Tenerife swept away many hopes of victory. First, GNTM models were able to nominate themselves for the poster shoot and the opening shoot for the new season. When she arrived in Tenerife, Heidi Klum (50) surprised her group of models in a jacket and rubber boots: like a photographer, she took the camera in her hands while shooting on the beach. But her full physical exertion in the floods took its toll: star juror Liz Hurley (58) ultimately had the thankless task of sending the eliminated models home.

Tracy, returning from GNTM, is upping the ante

Is this on fire? Many candidates asked themselves this question at the beginning of the episode. Why: Heidi brought back model Tracy (26), who was eliminated from the previous “GNTM” season. Tracy was voluntarily put to the ground last year. The female competition is attractive with aplomb, because Tracy immediately announces: “This time there is no goodbye!” The first challenge of the episode should show whether Tracy's self-confidence has paid off.

A shootout between two people for the “Germany's Next Top Model” season campaign

Before we left for Tenerife there was a special event. Models competed in groups of two to participate in the national poster campaign photoshoot and the current season's opening photoshoot. Next to her, star designer Jean Paul Gaultier (71 years old), watched the models during the penalty shootout. Fabian (20 years old), the experienced returner, did not let Tracy make her nervous and won the direct duel. The twins shared the joy: Julian (24 years old) got a chance to shoot, while twin brother Luca surprisingly failed because of Linus (25 years old). Among others, long-time self-doubter Xenia (23) qualified for the campaign. In the men's category, Frieder had a particularly surprising win over highly-rated Armin (27).

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Poster photo shoot with Rankin

Under the lens of fashion photographer and frequent “GNTM” guest Rankin, 58, Heidi's male and female models lounged on the floor — with Heidi Klum on top. Marvin, 22, considered it an honor to lie under Heidi's armpit. Jermaine (19 years old) also professionally suppressed the emerging pain: “It's about the perfect posture, and then you can cry.” The men then completed a video shoot for the show's opening, partly wearing high heels. For some, it's almost daily life, for others it's a completely new experience.

Tenerife: “Nice” room and first crush

When we landed in Tenerife, the occupancy of the room in a “nice” beautifully located farmhouse caused the first tensions in the group. The bunk beds reminded Max of his old childhood room. When Lucas encountered a room dispute between fellow models, he felt “like he was on a school trip — really bad. We're all adults.” Armin's attention once again turned to his favorite Jana (24 years old). A temporary epilogue to his crush after he carries her bag into the “nice” room: “I would say Jana falls in the same area as my type.”

Photographer Heidi showed complete commitment

Wearing clothes she designed herself, Heidi asked everyone who was defeated in the Berlin shooting to take part in the shooting. Wearing rubber boots, she told her models who would be posing for the shoot on the beach: “It's the same.” The models were also thrilled to have actress and model Elizabeth Hurley as guest judge. Her specific expectations for models: “They must become one with the environment and the elements.”

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Heidi Klum took this to heart for hours: repeatedly throwing herself into the water with her huge camera in a struggle to get the best photos. Liz Hurley didn't want to be left behind. She has aggressively jumped out of her position as a judge to motivate models to appear more expressive. Armin once again managed to convince in all areas. High praise for Heidi and Liz Hurley: “You look so badass in every photo!” Recordings were again disappointing for the returning Tracy. From the jury's perspective, she appeared very “sad” and “scared” during the filming.

Heidi was sick

Set after set and always wet – that wasn't good for Heidi. When Liz Hurley appeared alone in front of the models shortly before the decision was made, she had some sad news with her: “Heidi's not feeling well. That's why you'll have to stick with me today.” Heidi explained her failure, saying: “During filming, I noticed that the long journey, the sun, and the wet clothes had left their mark on me. So, with a heavy heart, I cannot be part of the decision.” After consulting with Heidi, Liz Hurley had to send four models home alone. Yannick, Bao Hui, and Vanessa received their return flight tickets. Tracy's comeback ended here as well. (jock/spot)