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Mireya Du Mont was diagnosed with skin cancer again

Mireya Du Mont was diagnosed with skin cancer again

Mireya Du Mont was diagnosed with skin cancer for the second time. The 48-year-old announced this to her Instagram followers. “People please go to a dermatologist to get checked for cancer. I had to remove a non-melanoma skin cancer today,” she wrote in an Instagram Story on March 7. She also posted a photo of the area of ​​skin the doctors removed.

Mireya Du Mont announced her skin cancer diagnosis on Instagram in 2021. During a preventive examination, she was diagnosed with what is called basal cell carcinoma – non-melanoma skin cancer. Fortunately, the actress was able to receive successful treatment at that time.

White cancer, also known as non-melanoma skin cancer, occurs much more frequently than black skin cancer. It forms metastases less frequently and thus usually has a good prognosis. The chances of recovery are very good, especially in the early stages. If recognized in time, it can usually be removed without leaving any residue. In most cases, white skin cancer is caused by excessive ultraviolet radiation.

Stars with cancer

Miria du Mont is not the first star to announce that she has cancer. Britain's Prince Andrew's ex-wife, Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, also recently received another cancer diagnosis. After being diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer in the summer, the Duchess of York has now been diagnosed with skin cancer, the Duchess said.

Also with her former brother-in-law, King Charles III. He was recently diagnosed with cancer while being treated for benign prostatic hyperplasia. The exact diagnosis is unknown.

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