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Ghibli-inspired adventure game Europe is getting a new group trailer from Guerrilla – SHOCK2

Ghibli-inspired adventure game Europe is getting a new group trailer from Guerrilla – SHOCK2

At today’s Guerrilla Collective Showcase, indie developer Helder Pinto and publisher Future Friends Games (Omno, Exo One) introduced the new trailer for the game. Europe Before, a peaceful game full of adventure, discovery and meditation. Europe Coming to Steam and consoles in 2023. In the trailer, the game’s voice actors can be heard for the first time.

On the moon Europa, a fertile, lush paradise in Jupiter’s shadow, a robot named Zee sets out to find answers. Run, slide, and fly through landscapes, solve puzzles in the ruins of a fallen utopia, and discover the story of the last man alive.

Europe It is a peaceful game full of adventure, exploration and meditation. As your flight progresses, you’ll gradually improve the capabilities of your Zephyr jetpack, catapulting yourself farther and farther into the air until you have the freedom to fly through the skies.


  • Explore a breathtaking world of lakes, meadows, and mountains, scattered with remnants of a lost civilization.
  • Master free-flowing movements so you can glide smoothly from boost to boost, building strength and momentum over time.
  • Discover secrets, solve puzzles, and overcome dangers hidden in the ruins.
  • An intimate story about growing up and man’s relationship with nature.

Europe Helder’s heart project since 2017, besides his “real work” as art director, working on games like Overwatch and Diablo 3. He recently called on a professional team of friends, Alex Petherick-Brian (programming), and Craig Harris (animation) , Brian Horn (narration and cinematography), Joao Sapiro Josue (character design) and Uriel Cordas (concept art), help make Europe a better game. Set for a European release in 2023 with support from independent publisher Future Friends Games.

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Future Friends was founded in 2017 with one simple mission: to help indie games get the love they deserve. Originally focused on public relations, the company has since moved into publishing, releasing its first titles Omno, Exo One, and Festival Tycoon in 2021.