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My Time at Sandrock – Prepare for Secrets and Dangers • Nintendo Connect

My Time at Sandrock – Prepare for Secrets and Dangers • Nintendo Connect

Focus and Pathea announced in a press release that: My time at Sandrock Released on September 26, 2023, it left early access after sixteen months of continuous updates, improvements, bug fixes, testing, and community-affected content additions. The sequel to the Sanbox RPG My time in Portia Expands and enhances the complete experience in an emerging post-apocalyptic world filled with rich RPG elements and mechanics, engaging quests, and engaging characters.

Players can now start their journey on PC via Early access to Steam and in Epic Games Store Begins. To thank all Early Access players for their tireless support, they will be getting a special in-game item, and more details to come! Watch the “Shaping Your Future” trailer now before you travel to Sandrock!

Exciting campaign in an absorbing open world

My time at Sandrock We return with you to the wonderful world, i.e. of My time in Portia It was founded 330 years after the day of silence that destroyed most modern technologies. Your adventure begins as the newest builder in Sandrock, a wild and dangerous city-state in the heart of the desert. Technology once thrived, but now the area is on the brink of collapse, waiting to restore it to its former glory.

Collect resources to build machines with your trusted tools. Make friends with the locals, unlock new perks and abilities, improve your workflow, and protect Sandrock from monsters – all while trying to save the city from economic ruin!

Explore the vast desert that surrounds the city, delve into ancient ruins, find ancient world relics and special materials in hard-to-reach areas – or simply enjoy the view. Experience an immersive story with hundreds of side quests and over 40 new characters. Spend time with the people of Sandrock, learn about their stories, and form deep friendships. Of course, the adventure won’t quite end with version 1.0, because this version brings the long-awaited multiplayer mode to PC!

My time at Sandrock Currently available at Early access to Steam and in Epic Games Store. The game will be released on September 26 on Bilibili, WeGame, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

More about my time at Sandrock

Deep in the Wild West lies a wonderful little town called Sandrock. Destroyed during a cataclysm centuries ago, the city survives to this day, though the technology and tools are rusty as are the relationships among the residents. Their only hope is you. Use your tools and building skills to restore Sandrock to its former glory.

Explore a huge world full of possibilities, experience unforgettable adventures and rebuild Sandrock, with friends or alone. Jump on a galloping horse to search for secrets and hidden treasures in amazing locations. Encounter creatures as dangerous as they are wacky… and gather all the resources you can find to rebuild Sandrock!

Build and customize headquarters and town buildings, craft modern tools and machinery, breathe new life into farming and ranching, and repair damaged Sandrock technology. In the heart of the city you can trade, relax and establish special relationships with the many residents. Discover their fascinating personalities and unique stories and write new chapters together!

  • The highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning sandbox RPG My Time at Portia – now with friends in co-op!
  • Embark on an exciting adventure with hundreds of engaging missions and over 30 cute and colorful characters.
  • Collect resources to create and expand your plot of land, build machinery, breed plants and animals and sell your goods to the highest bidder.
  • Take your time to get to know the residents of Sandrock, discover intriguing backstories and master challenging mini-games where you can receive gifts and build powerful relationships.
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