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Ghostwire: Tokyo - The new update also helps with PC performance

Ghostwire: Tokyo – The new update also helps with PC performance

from Valentine Sattler
After a good month of release, Ghostwire: Tokyo received its first major update with update 1.003. Some bug fixes and performance improvements are included for all platforms.

It’s been about a month since the Japanese developer Tango Works . game With Ghost Wire: Tokyo It released its latest game, inviting players to a very scary Japanese game ray tracing. Aside from a small update with version number 1.002, there haven’t been any major updates to the game yet – but that has now changed. With update 1.003 released on Monday, Tango Gameworks wants to get rid of many bugs and improve performance as well.

Errors, content and performance

At least when it comes to performance, the developers remain completely imprecise: we’re only talking about fixed performance issues and improvements to “general performance”, which should affect both the PS5 and PC version. How fast Ghostwire: Tokyo really runs with the new update is unclear from the changelog.

The developers are more detailed with newly added features. There should now be a VRAM level warning display, an option to smooth the mouse, and a separate volume control for Yokai screams. Additionally, in-game fast travel should now have been available earlier. In celebration of Japanese Children’s Day, two new packaging are also shown on all platforms, along with a new cosmetic item, Paper Kabuto.

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Regarding the fixed bugs, the developers talk about, among other things, fixed collision and control issues. The title screen for PC users in windowed mode or with a 5K screen has also been fixed, and there are some other minor changes to Ghostwire: Tokyo with the update.. A full list can be found in the associated changelog.

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