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Gil Ofarim insists on the Star of David series

Gil Ofarim insists on the Star of David series

nAfter media reports cast doubts about whether singer Gil Ofarim wore his necklace with a Star of David necklace on the day he was allegedly insulted in an anti-obesity way at a Leipzig hotel, the artist is defending himself. Ofrim told Spiegel magazine that the incident occurred as seen in an Instagram video uploaded on October 5. “I owned the chain the whole time,” Ofrim said of the piece of jewelry his father gave him at his bar mitzvah: “I don’t understand why there is a debate now about whether or not I wear the necklace.”

Suddenly it was no longer about anti-Semitism, as Ofrim criticized. “Now I’m supposed to prove I was wearing the star.” It is not clear if someone actually saw Ofarim’s Star of David contract at the hotel on the day of the incident. According to him, this is not the point. He also believes it is plausible that the insults may have occurred because he regularly appears himself in public in the series.

“I always wear a star,” Ofrim told the Mirror. Regarding reports that he did not remember when he was questioned about whether he was wearing a necklace, Ofrim said, “It’s not true. I owned the chain all the time.”

The video is part of the ongoing investigation

Bild newspaper and Leipziger Volkszeitung reported earlier that the surveillance videos could raise questions about the events described and also refer to investigative departments. so it should Ovarimus The chain bearing the Star of David was not clearly visible in the videos. “Exactly what can be seen in the video is part of the ongoing investigation,” a police spokeswoman at Leipzig police headquarters said upon request.

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