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Giovanni Zarella is a guest on “The Masked Singer”!

Giovanni Zarrella will be a guest on ProSieben “The Masked Singer” on March 26 and will support Ruth Mochner and Rhea Garvey’s mentoring team. Giovanni Zarrella is sure to do his best in the advice special, the presenter and sympathetic pop singer knows his craft and will surely bring new insights into the top-notch entertainment show. Perhaps Giovanni Zarella will even provide one or another interesting idea about which star is hiding under each mask?

Janine Michaelsen Gives Perie In ‘The Masked Singer’!

Jane Michaelson He’s stuck under Brilli, but he had to lift the mask at the premiere. 10-year-old Emma created “The Masked Singer” glasses, and the result was an amazing mask. No one suspected Jeanine Michaelsen under Briley. “My tactics only worked half of them. No one recognized me – that was actually my primary goal and I achieved it. Of course it’s a pity the trip only got this far, but it was still pretty cool and fun,” explained Janine Michelsen after she unveiled this. It was something very special.

Masked singer: Which mask will be revealed on Saturday?

Music advice and top recommendations

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Strasser harmonica

With Galax’sis, koala, gorilla, starfish, orc, zebra, seagull, prickly devil and disco ball, there are still 9 masks in the running. Who are the celebrities who will be among them? Who will be able to score with a great performance in the second show? In the last show, the Orc excelled at mastering the Italian language, so will he present that also in the second show? Guest reviewer Giovanni Zarella will be very happy about this, because Italian is the language of his parents’ house. The Monkey Theater will present the gorillas again, while the disco ball will make everything shine and sparkle again. The starfish will bring everyone together while the koala brings serenity and calm. A mask was definitely revealed at the end of the show. You can find out which celebs are under it on March 26 in “The Masked Singer” on ProSieben.

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