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Hollywood awarded its infamous awards " ."

Hollywood awarded its infamous awards “ .”

Nobody really wants that berry: As every year, ‘Razi’ was awarded the day before the Oscars. This time there was a particularly large number of “golden raspberries” for a royal musical.

8:05 PM, March 26, 2022


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Hard to believe: Jared Leto was hiding under this gorgeous hairstyle in “House of Gucci” – which is why there was now Hollywood’s most unpopular award © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc. all rights are save.

Questionable Prize: Musical drama “Diana the Musical” took home five “Golden Raspberries” or “Razzie,” the not-so-serious prize money lenders announced in a video message Saturday. The production about the life of Princess Diana, which failed on Broadway in New York, has been submitted to the streaming service Netflix. There was “Razzie” for actress Gina De Waal for directing and “Worst Film”.

The three-time “winner” is the fantasy animated film “Space Jam: A New Legacy” starring basketball player LeBron James as the “worst actor.” Academy Award winner Jared Leto (“Dallas Buyers Club”) also earned a “razzie” as a supporting actor in “House of Gucci”—the fact that he used heavy makeup and a heavy Italian accent as Paolo Gucci upset voters. The distributors even created a special section for Bruce Willis, on the grounds that he played eight bad roles in 2021, including in films such as “American Siege”, “Deadlock” and “Cosmic Sin”. The latter was now his doom.

Hollywood star Will Smith was more fortunate to receive the “Razies Redeemer Award”. The “Redeemer Prize” goes to the actors who make up for “raspberries” from the past with a good cinematic performance. In the eyes of the jury, Smith managed to do just that with his role in the sports drama “King Richard,” which could also earn the actor an Oscar for Best Actor on Sunday.

“Razzies” was created by director John Wilson as a counterpart to the charming Academy Awards. According to the group, more than 1,100 members in the United States and forty other countries vote.

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