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Giovanni Zarella: Is the next sensation looming?

Giovanni Zarella: Is the next sensation looming?

as Giovanni Zarella He released his first successful album “La Vita e Bella” in 2019, and no one knew where the trip had been. Only a few months later, the Italian received the Gold Award. By then, it was clear that the concept would work with German songs in Italian. Meanwhile, the singer has even achieved platinum with work. Now the next sensation looms with the successor “Ciao!” …

Giovanni Zarrella: The bar for the second album is high

It soon became clear that Giovanni Zarella and his team around producer Christian Gellar would continue the recipe for success. With “Ciao!” The new album was released in April 2021. The standards were very high and the big question was: Can you repeat such a great success? There are now the first signs that we are on the right track. Many dealers list the so-called “golden” version of “Ciao!” , which will appear on November 12, 2021 as a standard edition as well as a limited fan box. The doorbell rings right away: that’s exactly the day before Giovanni Zarella’s show. Doesn’t the ‘Golden Edition’ seem like a very special award for Giovanni Zarella?

Giovanni Zarella: A big surprise in his presentation?

The new version of his show will be broadcast on ZDF on November 13, 2021 at 8.15pm. It has already been officially announced. If this is not the ideal platform to promote a special new release. Is there even a big surprise for the new official out there? Because after Giovanni Zarella in October 2019 in “hit bum” from Florian Celebrezen The Gold Award was presented for “La Vita e Bella”, and the Gold Edition was released a little later in January 2020 – to celebrate the success properly. Now it turns out that “Ciao!” A gold print will also appear. Everything indicates that the Italian will take the gold record for his successor in his presentation. Shortly thereafter, the new version mentioned there will be announced. The perfect scenario…

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Giovanni Zarella: The first guests for the second show have been announced

In any case, it is already certain that there will be another live band. And the first guests have already been officially announced via the show’s Instagram channel: Jasmin Wagner, Karsten Walter, Sarah Sugar and Jessica Waltz. The fourth artist is known as part of No Angels. So will the super popular girl group be a part of Giovanni Zarella for the first time? stay exciting.

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