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NSünchen (dpa) – Aleph caused chaos in the Tanner TV family’s life for 102 episodes. On September 22, 1986, his spaceship crashed and crashed into Willie and Kate’s living room – and into the living rooms of the American public.

The series became a successful NBC rating. A year and a half later, it happened ZDF Foreign anarchists to Germany. For kids of the ’80s, Aleph became a TV hero. Legendary: Tommy Piper Synchronization.

His smoky, hoarse voice “Hahaha – I’m laughing at myself dead” sounds unforgettable in the ears. For a long time, the 80-year-old did not want to talk about Aleph at all and complained that the series spoiled his career. No offers for the role were made after that. Instead, he received inquiries from private individuals whether he could record birthday greetings for their relatives. To this day, Piper, who lives in Munich, feels reduced in shape.

When Piper walks down the street in his adopted home in Bavaria, it is not uncommon to say: “Look, there goes a thousand!” He told the German news agency. It is also eaten this way in the pub or in the supermarket. Someone in a parking lot asked him recently, “Are you from Millmac?” He denied it and then annoyed himself and asked himself: “Why don’t you confess: You made a thousand!” Only in the past few years has he been able to look forward to helping write a piece of television history.

When the unknown creature with red-brown fur and a trunk-like nose fell slightly distraught on Tanner’s coffee table after the unfortunate explosion of Planet Melmac, family head Willie (Max Wright) said: “It’s an alien life form, Alf.” A thousand bears the name Gordon Shumway. Because he can’t go home, Tanner takes him.

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