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“Give the ball, otherwise Poschts”: Sky expert identifies disrespect among young players – Bundesliga

The intriguing situation in the favorites of Vienna in the Bundesliga match Austria Vienna against TSV Hartberg last Tuesday between Dominic Fitz and Marcus Suttner (Ligaportal reports: Strange scene: Fitz fights with Suttner over a free kick – the veteran pulls the short straw) a few days later the topic of discussion.

Sky expert Toni Pfeffer, the legend of Austria by trade, explained that such a scene would not have happened in his time as an energetic precession.

“At the time it would have been so different, it wouldn’t have happened. If it had happened to Andy Ogres, for example, then it wasn’t just Andy Augris who was on the free kick, but there were two other veteran players who were there,” said Tony. Pfeiffer: Well, they would have said to the boy, “Give me the ball, or else I stop”.

It is also “a hierarchy issue. Is it in a team or is it not there. Above all, the issue of respect. In my opinion, it is getting bigger and bigger. It’s almost in vain,” he criticized the 55-year-old.

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From Ligaportal; Photo: Joseph Barrack

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