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Herff remains coach of SV Ried

Herff remains coach of SV Ried

Andreas Herraf remains the coach of the Bundesliga football club SV Guntamatic Ried. Prior to today’s away match against Altash, the 53-year-old Vinici signed a two-year contract.

Since Herraf took over at the start of the qualifying group, Reid is still undefeated after eight matches.

Today’s Vikings need to win them as well as lose points from Hartberg or Austria in order to stay in the race for second place on the last lap. The second could participate in the play-off match for a place in the European Cup. .

Conversations with Herav will now be followed by those with the players. “We have similar ideas when it comes to the team,” says sporting director Wolfgang Viala. Daniel Danielluk, Balakim Takugnadi, Manuel Kerhey, Patrick Muschle, Seth Bensel and lender Patrick Schmidt have no future at Reed, even with Saddam Sulli, whose contract runs until 2022, they are working on the breakup.

The whereabouts of Michael Lercher and Daniel Offenbacher remains uncertain. One would like to keep Kennedy Boateng, but his demands have become fanciful for the time being. With youth team player Julian Toure (19 / Admira) brought in as a perspective player, Philipp Boomer’s participation (FC Blau Weiß Linz) is imminent. (Roa)

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