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Glenfiddich and the Winter Classic: In Search of the Most Creative "Hot Toddy"

Glenfiddich and the Winter Classic: In Search of the Most Creative “Hot Toddy”

It was a long-term relationship, cocktail contest finals “The most experimental bartender” To finally be able to perform the live broadcast. Andreas Trattner from »GlenfiddichsAnd “domestic Topspirit importer remained stubborn – and joy in being able to mix victory at the D-Bar at the Ritz-Carlton, Vienna” was also evident in the participants. Recipes from four federal states I got to the final where it was all about finding the best “hot weather” To serve according to your own interpretation.

Which sounds easier than it is in practice, because the individual component rapidly changes the heat balance Scotch whiskey and citric acid. On the other hand, the Scottish global brand was looking for the most creative approach, which the jury had to decide. Veterans of the Vienna Bar Society, Michael Fortner and Tom Sebus, are cornered by FALSTAFF author Roland Graf. Experts put the five participants to the test, down to the correct serving temperature of hot water – a must-do at Toddy.

Scottish breakfast and white chocolate flame

In addition, there was a choice of base whiskey, in which three options were allowed. Especially that little chimney “Fire and Nerves” Love the finalists: three of them chose this Glenfiddich. Christopher Malle of Christopher in Delach, which opened in April, followed his personal preference for “India Pale Ale” and used beer barrel whiskey in his creative brew with Aeropress – “I learned to love it during my time as a bartender in New Zealand”.

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The Tyrolean contribution, “Coco Toddy” by Annabelle Heimitzberger, was based on Glenfiddich “XX” It has been enriched with coconut oil as it is called “fat lotion” with more creaminess. The perfect presentation of local hero Tobias Cornelius from “D-Bar” is also inspired by the Caribbean. Pineapple and melted butter made the creative notes of his “Highland Breakfast” served in Scottish garb. This was accompanied by homemade pumpkin bread with salted butter – “After a round of golf in cold Scotland, there is nothing better than a hot meal and a sandwich,” as his “professor” was quoted at Jervan Golf. This compound drink finished in second place.

And behind him came Julian Mayrhofer (“Joseph”, Vienna), who was the first participant in order of draw. White Flame was crowned with an espuma made of white chocolate – ‘just as befits our bar’. Because cocktails, crowned with aromatic foam, are now one of the bar’s “brands” of the first region.

Salted caramel syrup and olive oil as ingredients

But it could also be more creative. You can tell from the ingredients she prepared for her herself that Annabelle Heimitzberger, bar manager at Stanglwirt, dreamed of becoming a chef. “One has to think of a production chain,” Michael Fortner, for example, said, praising the Tyrolean cocktail’s passing. The viscous salted caramel also impressed the judges. Unfortunately, a small mistake in the whiskey dose cost valuable points. Victory remained in the West – Bernd Neubauer from “Pierre 69” in Bregenz was able to name his own Christmas cocktail, which was served late “Smoky Christmas” calendar.

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Neubauer also tried to have as wide a range of aromas as possible, combining salty, fruity, and bitter notes – instead of hot water, he used black tea as a hot “infusion”. “Werther’s Echte” is in liquid form, said juror Tom Sipos, an enthusiast of homemade Bregenzer apples and salted caramel syrup.

The winner was happy to receive 1,000 euros in cash, which Andreas Trattner handed to Bernd Neubauer after a strong winter refreshment in the Sicilian restaurant “Pastamara”. But all participants and the local pub culture were winners: All five showed ways to steer clear of sweet wine and sour wine. Hot thing, like “hot todi”!

Smokey Christmas recipe