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GNTM: Doctors advised Romi to leave the show - the photos show the extent of her condition

GNTM: Doctors advised Romi to leave the show – the photos show the extent of her condition

GNTM-Romy output voluntarily. Now she tells the real reason. (Photo montage)

© ProSieben

Heidi Klum’s favorite Rumi volunteered for GNTM (ProSieben). Now she admits: It was her health problems the real cause. Pictures show run.

Berlin – Not only to model mom Heidi Klum, but also to many viewers, Romy Wolf (19 years old) was this year’s favorite ‘Best New German Model’– the season. But shortly before moving to the top ten, the 19-year-old left the GNTM Show voluntarily. On TV, viewers saw Rumi contemplating the arrangement last week, and in front of Heidi Klum, she described her strong homesickness, which also affected her mental health, as the reason for her demise. But now it shows the real cause: the health problems. Even doctors advised Romy Wolf to go out. The images show how the GNTM filter really did.

GNTM (ProSieben): Heidi Klum is shocked by Romi’s exit

Romy’s exit was the last surprise on GNTM (all airtime) episode. After all, the other candidates left the show with Heidi Klum voluntarily before her. But while some of the voluntary exit cases weren’t even broadcast on TV, last Thursday (April 8) ProSieben showed how Romi announced its decision to both the model candidates and jury president Heidi Klum. She was visibly shocked – and even admitted Romi was one of her favorites. But the 19-year-old stayed on with her mind and left her GNTM friends Solin, Liliana, Larissa and Ashley in the back.

GNTM: The ProSieben Filter Romy reveals the true reason behind Aus – and shows pictures of its sensitivity

With her out, now Romy has also revealed the true reason for her quitting: her health is causing a huge mess in her accounts. During her time on GNTM (all winners of the show), many viewers noticed that Rumi often appeared without makeup while walking or taking photos. The cause was an allergic reaction to wool wax, an ingredient often found in creams. GNTM-Romy now adds, “It has so far spread on my mouth and lips that I can no longer eat properly and only drink with straws.” Promiflash to. As a result, she was unable to eat or drink much and had to suffer from circulatory problems.

Romi suffered an allergic reaction in GNTM – doctors advised her to take a break.

© Instagram / romy.gntm2021.official

“At some point I had to draw a line because the doctors also said, ‘The only thing that helps you is take a break,’” continued Mottahed GNTM. The photos on her Instagram account show the true extent of her allergic reaction, which has never been seen on ProSieben Today she says, “Fortunately, the worst scenes were never shown.” Rumi’s face was partially swollen, noticeably smaller eyes, and a red rash. Now it looks like the 19-year-old does better – on Instagram, she is in love with her boyfriend.

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