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How can things go on for the queen without the prince by her side?  “

How can things go on for the queen without the prince by her side? “

Undoubtedly, Elizabeth and Philip built a well-trained team for decades © AP

Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953, with her ancient rites, was something of divine service. But when the Queen finally walked through Westminster Abbey, her husband broke the celebration briefly. “Where did you get the hat from?” Asked Philip, looking at her crown.

On these humorous deposits, which in England like “Comic relief” as a comic edited, Known, his widow will have to do without him in the future. Philip’s death left “a big void in her life,” in the words of his son, Prince Andrew.

Always a shock

“With such a long relationship, the death of one of the partners is always a great shock.” Jürgen Marggraff, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at Ruhr University Bochum, analyzes. The familiar rhythm of life changes, so many stimuli such as positive feedback are no longer there. Statistically, there is an increased risk of death of the surviving partner in the later period.

The Queen would likely utilize her iron system and well-established court structures as factors of stability. “On the one hand: the end of a marriage that has lasted more than 70 years and has worked well after all that I have heard must definitely have been a big hit, there is no doubt about it,” said the former president of the German Psychological Association.

‘Big cut’

Andrew James Johnston, professor of English philology at the Free University of Berlin, sees the same. “We can’t look into the head of a grieving character, but the sure thing is that the Queen and Prince Philip have had a long marriage almost infinitely long by human standards, as Prince Philip was spiritually full to the end.” From a human perspective, that’s a massive cut.

Many people know from the Netflix series “The Crown” that the royal couple have had separate bedrooms for many decades, but according to Queen biographer Thomas Kielinger, this shouldn’t be overestimated: “The British aristocracy has practiced separate bedrooms for centuries, and as We know today that this space given to each other is not a bad psychological solution at all. ” Both the Queen and Prince Philip have always had so many different obligations that it would have been impossible to imagine otherwise, says Killinger.

The Queen is over Philip

The Queen rarely talks about private matters, but in 1997 she gave a brief glimpse of their long-running relationship on their golden wedding anniversary. Philip often had to listen to my speeches, She said in a dinner speech. “We had previously discussed the manuscript often. As you can imagine, he gave me his opinion quite frankly.” He is not someone who likes to receive praise, but he is undoubtedly “my strength and my rock.”

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Undoubtedly, Elizabeth and Philip built a well-trained team for decades. Philip always stayed two steps behind the king in public, locking doors, but could quickly reverse roles. British politician Roy Jenkins, who was president of the European Commission from 1977 to 1981, wrote of a visit by the royal couple in Brussels: “I couldn’t get the Queen to ask any questions, I stayed very silent, but the Duke of Edinburgh very actively and continued the conversation.” . Although he was representing positions fiercely critical of Europe, he was grateful to Philip for that.

Can the Queen abdicate the throne?

Johnston did not believe the Queen could abdicate in response to the death of her husband. “There has been only one concession in modern English history, and that is the abdication of Edward VIII in 1936, and there are very bad memories associated with it.” In the past few years in particular, Edwards’ close ties to National Socialism have been examined extensively.

“As a result of the scandal surrounding Edward’s resignation, a certain understanding of the role of the monarchy arose,” Johnston explains. “One in which the king is not allowed to appear as a character. Edward treated the traditions and the constitution lightly, and dreamed of the role of the king of the people.” By contrast, the Queen is very withdrawn as a person. With that in mind, the abdication would be a very powerful and extremely emotional reaction to her husband’s death.

London-based writer Kielinger sees it in exactly the same way: “The word abdication can be deleted,” he asserts. “The queen is shaped by her experience when she was ten years old and the uncle quits for love.” This crisis is ingrained in them. For them, serving the Earth and its constitution means not resigning, the expert explains. “The only thing you can imagine is that she will get sick and will no longer be able to run a business. Then comes the role of Charles as regent. Then his name will not be a king, but rather a regent. It is inconceivable that we have two ruling kings. And the iron history of England is a continuum.” No one will shake it. “

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