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The Masked Singer 2022: Who is the starfish?

The Masked Singer 2022: Who is the starfish?

  • The new season of “The Masked Singer” will start in 2022. Season six begins in March.
  • As usual, there’s a new episode every Saturday that you can seriously guess about. So you don’t miss an episode, there’s an overview of start times and broadcast dates for you.
  • Little by little all the new costumes will be announced. In the overview of all masks 2022, you will find all the important information summarized.

Video: pink and turquoise glitter – what mask could it be?

No sooner had he revealed himself than the first speculation came out loud: a starfish is one of the new masks in The Masked Singer 2022 – but who will be under it? Fans are already guessing, read their tips here.

The Masked Singer: Which star in the starfish?

Starfish guarantees one thing even before its first show: a lot of enthusiasm among the crowd. They were astonished by the shimmering sea creatures. But with all the joy about the new mask, of course they don’t forget the gist of the show – who’s wearing the costume?

Rumors and first tips

One Instagram user thinks Maite Kelly would be the perfect candidate to star in the superstar. Another user thinks more of singer Patrick Noe when it comes to the new mask. But other celebrities are heavily traded on the rumor mill.

These names have already been mentioned:

  • Mighty Kelly
  • Patrick Noh
  • Janet Biederman
  • Kristen’s original saying
  • Daniel Hartwich
  • Knosi
  • Elka Besin

Whether the star or the female will wear the mask is still up in the air – as is the celebrity’s secret name. But once there are more clues and tips, you will find it here.

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The new masks in “The Masked Singer”

The starfish is not the first mask to appear in the new season. The rumor mill is already boiling for others, here you can see what the community suspected:

The beginning of the sixth season

It finally starts on Saturday, March 19, 2022. Starting at 8:15pm you can enjoy new episodes on ProSieben and Joyn, guess hard and make yourself surprised by the stars behind the masks this year.

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