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Goku and Klas want to scare the viewers

Goku and Klas want to scare the viewers

Entertainment artists Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf tried to completely alienate their TV audience with their latest prank on Wednesday. After a brief introduction, the duo spent the remainder of prime time a quarter of an hour queuing in front of a white background without saying a word. To this end, the moderators played annoying monotone music and used a treadmill to praise the competition programme.

“With these 15 minutes, we wanted to ride our ProSieben boss’s straps as much as possible,” Goku said at first an idea during the night. Sending out stupid ideas, exploring the limits of what to expect, that was the idea behind it. Klass: “What happened? I watched 15 Minutes at Home regularly and we also thanked this special ad-financed TV monster called ProSieben.” The announcer often found it “really good”. “This is a scandal.”

“It’s time to change that,” Klass said. “That’s why we decided to bring ProSieben down to zero with your help today. Maximum failure for all involved. 0.0 percent project.” Goku added, “Today we will refuse to entertain you through your boredom so much that even the last person has stopped working.” The audience’s assessment won’t be known until Thursday morning.

Then the treadmill at the bottom announced the competition: for example, an environmental documentary on 3sat, an Oscar-nominated drama about Arte, crime thriller “Wilsberg” on ZDFneo, the revived RTL show “Der Preis isthot” or Netflix series “Ozark”. In between, consumer advice on how to make better use of time can be read: “The baking tray is badly burnt? Wake up now, soak in baking soda or baking powder and simply clean it.” Goku and Klass insulted their show in the running script, calling it “utter rudeness.”

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