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Goldoson: Malware Infects Android Apps – 20 min

Goldoson: Malware Infects Android Apps – 20 min


You should delete these Android apps immediately

Hackers managed to inject malware called Goldoson into various applications. It then collects users’ locations and application data.


Hackers infected dozens of apps with data-reading malware.


  • Hackers infected 60 apps from the Google Play Store with malware.

  • Goldoson collects sensitive user data.

  • If you have downloaded the apps listed below, you must delete them immediately.

Hackers managed to infect 60 apps in the Google Play Store with malware. This was reported by When you download certain apps, malware is automatically downloaded as well. In the background, it then collects sensitive data such as GPS locations or files other user data. Even Apple devices are not safe from malware: they can also siphon data from devices connected to the infected cell phone via Bluetooth or WLAN, for example. Individual users can be identified through this data. In addition, the application can click on certain ads in the background and thus generate income for hackers.

The following applications are affected

The top ten apps infected with “Goldoson” are as follows:

  • L.PINT with L.PAY

  • Brick breaker slam

  • Account manager money and budget

  • GOM launcher

  • live score

  • pikecast

  • compass 9

  • GOM Audio – Music, Lyrics Sync

  • the whole world

  • magic pass

  • Bounce the breaker bricks

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Do you have any of these apps installed? Then you should delete it immediately. Another option is appropriate Update applications, if an update is available. However, if the app is no longer available in the Playstore, you still have to remove it from your device.

It has been downloaded more than 100 million times

This ghost was noticed by the work of the security company McAfee. As part of their research, it was also noted that the affected apps had been downloaded more than 100 million times, not only via the Playstore, but also via South Korean provider ONE Store.

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