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This is how you can use the “new Bing” with ChatGPT

This is how you can use the “new Bing” with ChatGPT

Let’s face it, until now there was no reason to use Bing instead of Google search. with integration chat However, that could change. The search engine developed by Microsoft is likely to be affected artificial intelligence benefit greatly.

Microsoft announced in February 2023 that it would be adding the ChatGPT intelligent chatbot to both Bing search and Edge Browser To merge. While initially it could only be used by specific people, now the feature can be used by everyone.

Using ChatGPT on Bing

the new Bing with ChatGPT Currently, it can only be accessed via the Edge browser on a PC or laptop, or via the Bing app on a smartphone (android And iPhone) to use. For this you get the chatbot on the latest version GPT-4 runs. The formerly freely accessible ChatGPT still uses GPT-3.5, the current version is only available via a paid ChatGPT Plus subscription. However, the Bing version has been adapted for search queries.

If you start Bing in your browser or in the app, a pop-up opens immediately offering to try the “new Bing”. To do this, however, the Microsoft account Necessary because you have to register to use it. You will occasionally be asked to sign up for a waiting list using your email address, but access will be activated immediately. This step is often omitted altogether.

If you are logged in, you can already use Bing. On the edge, the chatbot is already in a browsers compact. There is one in the upper right corner of the window speech bubble with a small “b”. If you click on it, the chat window will open. In the app, the icon is placed prominently in the middle of the bottom bar.

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Chatbot also requests data

In the browser, the chatbot also asks if you want to allow it to “access browser web content” to enable chat responses to your web page, select text to assist editing, generate page summaries, and more. If you answered no, you can change the setting later.

ongoing conversation 20 questions limited, after which a new conversation should be started. And even though Bing-Bot says its data is up to date, it (still) has a hard time dealing with current events.

How good is the chatbot?

Chatbots are also of little use for very specific topics, often providing only incomplete or completely useless information. to Important – eg for the next flight – you can safely use the chatbot, as my colleague Franziska Bechtold wrote in her detailed test:

Generate images directly in the chat

However, the Bing bot can register with another function: thanks to a Dall-E integration They are created directly in the chat. To date, however, orders have not yet been made English are entered. In return, you get results that are, in my opinion, much better than the original Dall-E.

attempt to re-enactBalenciaga PopeShe looks promising apart from the disfigured face. Dall-E deliberately distorts this for the sake of Deepfake to prevent

However, the realistic image of a snail on a piece of schnitzel is not a problem for artificial intelligence. The image generator is currently only in Browser version Available from Bing, the functionality has not yet arrived in the app.

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