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Take-Two allows popular mod menu to work offline

For some time there has been a mod ban for the GTA series, apparently. Because it wasn’t that long ago he left Take-Two Interactive Remove many popular mods for GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. Keep in mind, these are mods for the pure single player experience. Take-Two CEO, Strauss Zelnick Recently justified this approach with economic factors and harmful behavior, although it is not entirely clear what the economic consequences were and what harm these modifications caused.

Popular Mod List Taken Offline by Take-Two

Take-Two Interactive now goes one step further and has made an entire mods menu disappear from the scene. This list was called “Ozark” and is said to be very popular with some players. It was mainly used in Red Dead Online and also in GTA Online. Unlike the previous case, this is a multiplayer environment, which is why it is more understandable that action is taken against this mod list, as this may have a negative impact on the gaming experience of others.

Because in GTA Online, it should happen at the moment that the modders make the popular multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto 5 inedible. Ozark has allowed users to process events in GTA in both single and multiplayer modes. This includes teleportation, insta killing, vehicle spawning and cash drop.

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A screenshot is currently circulating on Twitter of a message from the Ozark creator, in which he wrote that he had to take his work offline. “D3sktool” is his name and he states that he made the move with a heavy heart after receiving a letter from the law firm Take-Two Interactive. He also points out that the Ozarks must have had a great community.

However, the mod menu was not free, it was sold to players by sellers for $25. D3sktool is now asking buyers to stay calm and not rush to get this message across to sellers, but to work with them in a different way. Some sellers have Your distribution has already been suspended, while others You still have a list of mods for sale. This may take a little longer than the work of a Take-Two attorney.

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