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Gudenburg: It was hot - but summer was even hotter

Gudenburg: It was hot – but summer was even hotter

In what is now Judenburg’s fifth summer, the weather was at its best – paired with great live music and many guests.

Gudenburg. There was a lot going on again on Friday. No wonder, as the pleasant summer temperatures and great live music from “For Fr√§nzs” draw young and old back to the main square. Summer Vibes is a popular event series and not many want to miss this opportunity. At least that’s how it sounded – it was calm and people laughed and sang loudly.

came to stay

The motto of the evening could have been something like this. All seats and permanent tables were quickly filled. But what was especially remarkable this time: many guests held most of the event, thus showing the uniqueness and quality of the popular series of events. In good company and in a pleasant atmosphere, stay with one or two delicious wines or treat yourself to pizza.

(almost) first half

Five of the 11 summer vibes have already been held this year and until September 2nd you can celebrate every Friday in Gudenburg with the best live music. Time to draw a first summary and that’s really good: so far the weather hasn’t been mostly nice, but also the visitors are clearly satisfied. Every Friday there were always many guests in Gudenburg, so it could continue next summer.

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