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Banner fürs Good Game Festival 2022

Good Games Festival: Broadcasting for a Good Cause

For the third time, FM4 and the Austrian Leisure Association are collecting donations for Licht ins Dunkel. From December 8-11, our live streamers will be offering all their variety of entertainment every day.

Games and value-added entertainment: by From 8 to 11 December FM4 collection and the Austrian Broadcasting Association Austrian entertainment Donations for a noble cause. We provide live broadcast on twitch A varied program with famous streamers and guests who will play, chat, laugh and generally have a good time.

The Good Game Festival enters its third round. In previous years we were able to raise large sums for a good reason: €19,300 in the year 2020 to Marienambulance in Graz And the 33333.33 EUR in the year 2021 for Women’s Shelter in the Tyrolean Oberland.

Good Games Festival 2022 for 3 panels

As part of Licht ins Dunkel, FM4 supports Vienna tableThe Flachgauertafel – Association for Social Balance (Salzburg) and pannonia table (Burgenland). Among other things, we assemble them for refrigerators, deep freezer containers, electric cargo bikes, stainless steel work tables and also purchased food.

Inflation, the energy crisis and rising prices are a burden for everyone in Austria. More and more people do not have enough money to buy enough groceries and get food from food banks. Plates Providing surplus groceries from wholesale markets and supermarket chains in Austria. Most of the work is performed by volunteers. They supply social organizations or issue them directly to individuals.

A long weekend of live culture

Make a note of this on your calendars: The Good Game Festival 2022 long weekend begins on Thursday, December 8 at 10 a.m. On FM4 Twitch. It is always broadcast continuously until midnight. In addition to the streamers from Austria, there is always a main show every day from 8pm, which will guarantee a colorful evening for about three hours.

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The program concludes with various shows in the late afternoon and early evening, where we will be broadcasting our own streams from the Good Game Hub in Vienna – with funny local multiplayer games in different teams, interviews with representatives of food banks and Light in the Dark, and of course one musical period or another .

Fun streams to feel good

Of course, at Good Game Festival we always make sure that everyone feels comfortable, that no boundaries are crossed in terms of content or taste, and that mutual respect is always maintained. The participating operators are conscientiously selected by the Austrian entertainment company and verified for their content. No place here for loud and attention-grabbing streams, and of course any form of sexual or other discriminatory content.

The specific program will be announced a few days before the start. Until then: GG, good game! See you on stream 🙂