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The top three places in the Steyr Music Award . have been determined

The top three places in the Steyr Music Award . have been determined

Steyr. 900 registered fans voted, and a five-member jury gave their rating. The Steyr Music Award (MAS) winner will be revealed on November 11.

“The songs presented once again show how diverse the Upper Austrian music scene is,” said Loucaz Steinherr (ORF OÖ), who along with Wolfgang Pammer (Kronehit), Wolfgang Pfeiffer (Linz’s Cultural Advisory Board) and Wolfger Buchberger ( Pop- BORG Linz) and Paul Katzmayr (PK Music Solutions) make up the jury. The winner of 15 participants and thus the winner of a professional video shoot will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on November 11th.

Three teams stand out

Organizers have already revealed the top three places at MAS 2022. Moritz Grellenberger (24 years old), who produces his music under the title “dnbmoo” in the Steyr region, says of himself: “I have been producing for five years now. Music is an art in itself and very diverse. So much so that even decades later, you still haven’t finished learning. For me, it’s important to stand out from the crowd in every song, and I want my music to be unique and special and to break the norm with a healthy dose.”

Out of the darkness of her deepest feelings, rising singer Sina Monlake creates hieroglyphic soundtracks and at the same time ambiguous pop music. More than a million dark pop fans around the world have become familiar with the singer from Mondzi.

“Cecilia” is an alternative pop duo by Linz, whose musical basis lies in the combination of acoustic and electronic elements. In 2020, the duo began shaping songs in their studio in the state capital, navigating freely across genre boundaries.

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Lukas Steinheuer: “The posts were very different in style but also in production type. It’s inspiring that you keep getting to know new musicians.”

Wolfgang Bammer: “It’s amazing what high-quality, stylistically diverse posts have gotten this year again for MAS Steyr! It’s really fun to listen and judge, even if the final decision of a song or artist isn’t really easy. I hope this platform expands for artists from Many more musical styles in the coming years!”

Wolfgang Pfeiffer: “The wide range of posts was striking. From rock to country, from pop to NDW revivals, from cabaret songs to D’n’B, it was all there. That didn’t make the jury’s decision easy, but it shows Also that there is a need for support in all areas.”

Paul Katzmayr: “The large number of submissions this year shows once again that the music scene in Upper Austria is thriving and that musicians from a variety of musical genres strive to present their own compositions to a wider audience.”

Wolffger Buchberger: “The 2022 edition of the Steyr Music Awards also reflects the broad scope of the upper Austrian pop music scene. The majority of works convince with professional submissions, are fun to listen to and make you want more.”

Tobias Kammerhofer, President of MAS: “This year the MAS was held for the second time in the entire Upper Austria region, and it was a challenge that we all mastered well. We are excited to respond and would like to thank everyone who voted and especially the participating teams from all over Upper Austria. The main award is especially important to us because the music video In particular it represents a real and lasting added value for musicians.”

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