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Google Nest Hub Max gets shortcuts to start actions

Google Nest Hub Max gets shortcuts to start actions

We recently reported that the Nest Hub may be showing an ad for Air quality indicator on the main screen in the United States. Now there’s a new feature coming soon, because a video shows a small overlay with shortcuts to start actions for the Nest Hub Max.

Actions can be initiated using shortcuts on the Nest Hub Max

One or more apps from Google Actions as they are already called, can also be launched in the future by touch via a small overlay on the Nest Hub Max. Until now, the voice command was like “Speak to <اسم التطبيق>Always necessary here.

Currently, Google is testing the display of actions in the overlay, which scrolls up from the bottom edge. In addition to settings, adjusting the volume and brightness, you can see the most used or most used Google actions (6 pieces). A button on the right side can then be used to display additional Google actions on the Nest Hub Max alphabetically and start them up with a single click.

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As you can see in the video, the functionality does not appear to be fully developed yet. Not every pass from the bottom edge is recorded as such. It appears that this feature is still in a very early beta stage.

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