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Google Pixel Watch 2 LTE Smartwatch Review – Where are the improvements?

Google Pixel Watch 2 LTE Smartwatch Review – Where are the improvements?

Pixel Watch 2 is only compatible with Android devices. When you turn on the new smartwatch, a pop-up window appears on nearby smartphones – this allows the setup process to begin. The app guides you through the different setup steps and asks for permissions, for example to send notifications.

The tutorials explaining how to use the smartwatch and how to replace the straps are well done. However, the facility is also very fragmented. After transferring your Google Account (mandatory), you need to sign in to Fitbit. However, your Fitbit accounts must be integrated into Google to use all functions.

This means that setup takes longer than many other smartwatches, and actions are always required in between. With the Pixel Watch 2, we hardly encounter any issues or malfunctions when setting it up like we did with the previous watch. The watch only resets once after the first setup for no apparent reason and has to be set up again.

We have the LTE version of the smartwatch. Mobile phone connection is implemented via eSIM. The SIM card can be set up either during the setup process or later. However, calling is only possible using a multi-SIM card.

Google continues to rely on a solution that includes two or three different applications. The Google Pixel Watch app is required for setup. This also controls the Pixel Watch 2's settings, such as which app is allowed to send notifications, and there's also access to the Play Store, cellular connectivity, and display settings. Google Fit is no longer automatically populated with data by the Pixel Watch 2. There it is necessary to go around via Health Connect.

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There is also a “Security and Emergencies” menu. The Pixel Watch 2 provides quick access to emergency information and can send an emergency signal to stored contacts or emergency services. New “Security Check” function. This sets a timer, and if the timer expires, the wearer should check that they are okay. Otherwise the location will be shared and an emergency call will be made. Even during the interim, the location can be shared with emergency contacts.

Different watch faces can also be selected in the Pixel Watch app. The range is large and all watch faces are free. It's a good thing that most watch faces can be extensively customizable. This affects colors, but also the arrangement and content of additional information displayed.

Tiles can also be customized in terms of arrangement and content. The range of applications is large thanks to Wear OS and the Google Play Store. Thanks to NFC technology, contactless payments can also be made using the Pixel Watch 2 – Google Wallet previously installed. One of the special features of the Pixel Watch is operating smart home devices via the smart watch. Google Home is pre-installed. All paired devices such as speakers, lamps, thermometers, etc. can be controlled via the smart watch.