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Set up a cost-effective touch screen for Klipper 3D printers yourself

Set up a cost-effective touch screen for Klipper 3D printers yourself

On the YouTube channel Teaching technology A new, cost-effective method for updating the touch screen of 3D printers using Klipper firmware is demonstrated. This is the Cyd Klipper screen, it is very cheap at less than 10 euros and can be set up in just 2 minutes.

In contrast to other Klipper-compatible displays like the popular “Klipper Screen,” setting it up here is very easy, with automatic installation via a website. All you need is a computer with a USB interface and a stable WiFi connection. After installing the driver, simply connect the monitor to the computer via USB, select the appropriate COM port on the website, start the installation and press the boot button on the monitor at the right time. Less than two minutes after installingMr. Clipper“The display process has been completed and is fully operational.

In practice, the screen offers similar functionality to the Klipper Screen, albeit in a simpler form. This gives you access to pressure, motion, and temperature control, and you can run macros and make different settings on the screen itself. It is operated via the touch screen, either with your finger or the included stylus. To save power, all you have to do is connect the display to your Raspberry Pi via USB. The stand can be created yourself using 3D printing.