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Google's Bard AI system will now be called Gemini

Google's Bard AI system will now be called Gemini

In the future, Google will integrate its applications and services with artificial intelligence under the Gemini brand. So far, only one language model has been named Gemini. Google's chatbot was previously called Bard, named after the English poet William Shakespeare (alias: “The Bard of Avon”). CEO Sundar Pichai announced on Thursday that this name for OpenAI's ChatGPT competitor will disappear in the future.

In the USA, Gemini will also be available on smartphones from now on. Mobile phones running the Google Android operating system receive their own Gemini app. On Apple's iPhones, Gemini is offered within the existing Google app. The AI ​​system will also replace the previous Google Assistant voice assistant if users agree to the switch.

Google has not announced when the applications will be available in Europe and Germany. A week after launching in the United States, the apps will be rolled out in additional English-speaking countries, as well as in Japanese and Korean in Japan and South Korea. Experience has shown that other languages ​​such as Spanish and German follow by a few months.

At the same time as it launches smartphone apps, Google is also launching a paid professional version of its AI – Gemini Advanced – which is based on the new Ultra 1.0 language model. It is initially offered in 150 countries in the English-speaking world and is part of the Google One subscription service. The AI ​​service costs just under $10 (€9.3) per month, but is only available on the most expensive version of Google One, which costs an additional $10. In return, customers receive, among other things, 2 TB of cloud storage space. The date of booking the service in Europe and Germany has also not been announced.

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Gemini Advanced is much more capable of doing highly complex tasks like writing code, thinking, following complex instructions, and collaborating on creative projects, Google CEO Sisi Hsiao said in a blog post. “Not only does Gemini Advanced allow you to have longer, more detailed conversations, it also better understands the context of your past claims.”