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Real-Time Space Strategy: Homeworld 3 will be playable as a demo and will be delayed

Real-Time Space Strategy: Homeworld 3 will be playable as a demo and will be delayed

Image: Blackbird Interactive

Homeworld 3 was actually supposed to be released on March 8th. However, the big real-time strategy game from developer Blackbird Interactive has now been delayed to May 13. The timing of the announcement comes as a surprise, as the title is currently available to play as a beta as part of Steam Next Fest.

It was delayed for 9 weeks and is now operable

Blackbird Interactive and publisher Gearbox initially announced the postponement On Twitter or X. In the usual and notorious format for such messages, the developers explain that Homeworld 3 has been delayed for approximately two months after careful consideration of the feedback received from recent playtests so that they can meet their quality standards. Anyone who pre-orders the Collector's Edition, which costs around €200, should be able to play on May 10, three days early. The developers promise to keep the community updated during the additional waiting period.

Homeworld 3 has been postponed
Homeworld 3 has been delayed (Image: Blackbird Interactive)

However, if you're interested in Homeworld 3 and don't want to keep your feet planted for too long, you currently have the option of playing the sci-fi RTS game as part of a Demo version offered on Steam Play without commitment. And since this sample coincides with the current February release of the Steam game preview, there's definitely still time until the evening of February 12th. It's anyone's guess how long the demo will be available after that.

Real time strategy hope homeworld 3

More than 20 years after Homeworld 2 and a few later, expectations for Homeworld 3 were high. A 3D RTS game should once again offer scale and a cinematic look; The developers talk about an iconic sci-fi art style. With persistent fleets, shipwrecks that become part of the dynamic battlefield and realistic physics simulation with comprehensible ballistics, the ambitious project offers a complete package that cannot be found in any other real-time strategy game of this genre.

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ComputerBase was able to play Homeworld 3 at Gamescom 2023 and was very impressed after a bumpy – not necessarily intuitive – start. The developers announced the system requirements for the PC last November, divided into seven profiles. When using high-resolution ray tracing, the demands on the graphics card and especially the CPU are very high.