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gossip?  Balina Roginsky talks about her fiance

gossip? Balina Roginsky talks about her fiance

In fact, broadcaster and actress Balina Roginsky rarely talks about her private life. Your relationship status is a big secret. But the Russian citizen could have made a mistake in a new interview.

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Ever since Balina Roginsky appeared as the girlfriend of Joko Winterschedt and Claes Hofer Umlauf in “Goku und Class”, she has been one of the most popular young celebrities in the country. In the meantime, she has proven herself as an actress, already standing in front of the camera for such hits as “Nightlife” or “Willkommen bei den Hartmans”. The media and fans were very interested in the private life of the 36-year-old lady. But she doesn’t give much insight into this and prefers to leave her private life private. But in a new interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung, scathing details emerge. She’s talking about a fiancé!

Ballina laughs well and talks a lot about comedy, Russian vodka and humor in the article. And that’s exactly what she shares with her fiance. When asked if she was with someone who had no sense of humor—a bold question in itself because it was private—the actress answered, “Actually no. Humor has always been important to me, and my fiancée and I just have the best sense of humor together.”

Well, her “fiancé”? These details will not be discussed in the subsequent interview, so it is not known who he is supposed to be. Or is the comedian just having fun here? not clear.

Not much is known about past relationships. For six years she was in a relationship with Jean-Christophe Ritter, aka “Schowi”, of the hip-hop group Massive Töne. In February 2013, they announced their split. This was followed by an affair with the head of an advertising agency in Berlin. But for several years now, the TV star’s relationship status hasn’t been ‘single’ or ‘taken’, but rather ‘unknown’.

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