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Reading in Neusiedl am See – Weinwerk’s Literary Days: New texts, new perspectives

Reading in Neusiedl am See – Weinwerk’s Literary Days: New texts, new perspectives

With Literary Days in Winwerk, Autumn picks up speed as usual with a strong and prominent cast. For the sixth time, author Karen Ivanksics invites her colleagues to experience and talk about literature together and with the public. The program is closed from September 15 to 17 again.

From the opening with Anna Baar (who recently received the State Award) to Sunday evening with the closing ceremony, there are lots of new books, music and discussions with Barbie Marković, Christian Futscher, Romina Pleschko and many more. The authors of Burgenland include: Gerhard Altmann, Anna Bauer, Bernhard Strobl, Eva Schreiber, and Thomas Hofer, in addition to the “Walburgen State” of Syrian origins, Hamid Abboud.

Karen Ivanksics. The author once again hosts many colleagues.

Paul Ritter

The literary view of the big picture

Not only are local authors well represented, but people also think outside the box. In line with this, the theme is about roots, about “intertwined things,” and also about what excites and entertains poetry.

Last but not least, it is about the interconnection between genres and disciplines, for example in Freya Elvin’s examination of language and writing in its forms and constructions, in Verena Goeltl and Andreas Heidecker’s “The Great Pannonian Songbook,” where jazz and dialect come together. Max Brenner is inspired by folk songs and brings old songs to the present day, while Mira Perošić is also dedicated to alternative pop music.

A total of more than 20 guests are expected, and the surroundings at the Weinwerk will be as cozy as usual, with local wines in the hall and on the cozy inner courtyard.

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The program at a glance

Friday 15 September

6 p.m.: Welcome from Karen Evanksics / Reading and Conversation with Anna Barr, moderated by Krista Eder

7 p.m.: Readings and discussions with Barbie Marković and Romina Pleško, conduction: Katarina Thewald, music: Verena Goettl and Andreas Heidecker

Saturday 16 September

3 pm: Between the Lines – reading and discussion workshop with Gerhard Altmann and Anna Bauer, moderated by Raoul Ezell

4pm: Readings and discussions with Freya Elvin and Eva Schreiber, moderated by Eva Hellinger

6 p.m.: Readings with Karen Peschka, Bernhard Strobel and Thomas Hofer, supervision: Jacob Bersche and Karen Ivanksics, music: Max Brenner and Harald Fink

Sunday 17 September

11 a.m.: Readings with Christa Knippenher, Christian Futscher and Hamed Abboud, direction: Karin Ivancics, music: Mira Perusić

1pm: Closing ceremony with buffet and wine

All contributors

Authors: Hamed Abboud, Gerhard Altmann, Anna Baar, Anna Bauer, Freya Elvin, Christian Fütscher, Thomas Hofer, Barbie Markovic, Christa Nibbenauer, Karin Peschka, Romina Pleschko, Eva Schreiber, Bernhard Strobel.

Music: Harald Fink, Verena Guettl, Andreas Heidecker, Mira Perusić, Max Brenner

Supervision: Christa Eder, Raoul Ezell, Eva Hellinger, Karin Ivanksics, Jacob M. Berschi, Katharina Thewald