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Because self-praise is right!  |

Because self-praise is right! |

When was the last time you were really proud of yourself? Being truly happy with yourself and expressing it verbally is a feature of everyday life that has gone out of fashion.

Pride, arrogance, or overconfidence like hungry eagles are above anyone who dares say: I did it really well!

Even when we honestly and honestly feel on the inside that we just did a brutally good job, a very calming analysis often comes out of our mouths.

“Yes, it was not bad, but …” or “appropriate, just …” You are supposed to be riders on the backs of temperate thoroughbreds, which does not allow us to risk appearing pompous, flashy, or even conceited.

But why is he like this? Of course, evil society can always be in this context, because no one wants to be labeled a fanatic by himself, until he is subsequently isolated from it. But the people around us, who value us anyway because they love us so sincerely and faithfully, certainly have no problem bringing us up on our backs.

I think we forgot a bit that we can and should be proud of our accomplishments and that’s a shame.

Everyone is justifiably keen to have their opinions heard and respected in politics, business, sports, art or social life.

So why aren’t opinions about ourselves given equal importance?

Self-praise may stink, but as long as you shower regularly, no problem at all!

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