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Steam Deck: 1000+ verified or played games

Steam Deck: 1000+ verified or played games

From Oliver Jaeger
In a new post on Steam, Valve announced that over 1,000 games have now been verified or considered playable on the newly released Steam handheld deck. As an aside, the developers mentioned that there are high standards in rating the compatibility levels for games.

On February 25, Valve’s Steam Deck launched and early customers have already been able to test the new mobile device. PCGH also took a look at the built in controller from the makers of Half-Life Edition and came up with a balanced conclusion. Now, more than ten days later, Valve reports that over 1,000 games on Steam Deck are loyal to Compatibility ratings Verified and played. The company announced this in one go on March 5 Steam update With.

Standards are high – changes come with time

However, these numbers are always just a snapshot and can change back very quickly, as the developers note. Console support, anti-cheat fixes, and other improvements are constantly being worked on for titles on Steam Deck. It will also fix bugs in Proton and add functionality to support other titles. Valve then moves to its own high standards when it comes to distributing compatibility levels for games:

Our current standards for a verified or playable rating are very high. If a title shows console avatars 99% of the time but prompts you to press ‘F’ occasionally, then that title is playable but unverified. If 99% of the game’s functionality is accessible, but accessing an optional crash of a mini-game or video tutorial is not displayed, then the title is not supported.”

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It is important for developers to avoid false positives – the game is verified, but part of it does not work – even if it shows false negatives – the game is not supported even though no error is detected. Despite the high standards in rating games, the developers believe that many games will go from “playable” or even “unsupported” to “verified” in the next few weeks. Also, with increasing release distance and feedback from customers and developers, Valve anticipates that their standards and attitudes will change in the future.

source: valves