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Graphic Novel |  The history of wine is the history of humanity

Graphic Novel | The history of wine is the history of humanity

The vintage, dating back to 6356 BC, is said to be very special: according to the Bible, Noah was the first to plant a vine and was immediately given the name “Father of Wine.” The graphic novel The Amazing Story of Wine collects these and many other entertaining stories about wine.

The story, written and illustrated by Benoist Simat and Daniel Casanave, explains winemaking as an adventure that begins somewhere in the Fertile Crescent. The first vines are believed to have been domesticated in Anatolia 10,000 years ago. The graphic novel, published by the Vienna publishing house Bahoe Books, contains a lot of facts and is not only interesting for all wine lovers, but is also able to entertain in more than 200 pages. Bacchus, the ancient god of wine, leads the action, though here he's wearing a plaid shirt and blue jeans. In the book, this “loving Bacchus” travels through time and around the world. In the final chapter, the old tour guide explains the “wine revolution”: when people realized it was possible to do it environmentally too. However, not all of the (astounding) 32.5 billion bottles drunk each year are organic yet. Progressive!

Benoist Simat/Daniel Casanave. The amazing history of wine. Bahu Books, 264 pages, 29 euros.

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