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Resnig bathing pool |  Beatbox fans in excitement, big summer festival in Carinthia

Resnig bathing pool | Beatbox fans in excitement, big summer festival in Carinthia

There is space for 2,000 people in the specially designed festival site – including camping options right on the water, access to a pool and creative music workshops. Initiators Johannes Tashfer and Bernhard Schnogel bring artists from all over the world to the Circle Jam festival in the Ferlach community. More precisely, to the Risnig bathing pond – in the middle of summer, on July 26 and 27.

We have assembled the collection with great care, which showcases the full scope of beatbox art. “The natural swimming pool at Riesnig is not only a wonderful backdrop, but also provides a space for cultural exchange, culinary discoveries and new friendships,” says Johannes Tashver happily. Among others are “MOM” from Austria, “Berywam” from France, “Hiss” from Korea, and “D-Low & Frosty” from Great Britain. “Circle Jam Festival is not an ordinary event for us – it is more like a journey through the world of creativity that we like to share. “This is where rhythm, passion and community come together. “Beatboxers should have the opportunity to perform on stage for more than the usual two minutes. “We offer stylized performances rather than mini-battle rounds, and an entertainment program for guests old and young And an affordable festival ticket“Tashur says.

“Working at a festival means not only creating an unforgettable event, but also personal growth and development. For me personally, bringing the great art of beatbox to a wider audience is a challenge,” says Bernhard Schnögel. “At live beatbox events, you will experience an intensity and creativity that is difficult to achieve.” Describe it in words.” “We warmly invite everyone to become part of this unique experience and experience the magic of the Circle Jam Festival with us – whether as a daily guest or during the full experience,” adds Tashwer.

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