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Great Britain: Johnson defeats a workers' stronghold

Great Britain: Johnson defeats a workers’ stronghold

“This is a historic finding,” said Amanda Milling, Vice President of the Conservative Party, in the first reaction. For Labor leader Keir Starmer, who has been in office for more than a year, the defeat is a major setback.

3:12 PM, May 7, 2021

Johnson’s inflatable Hartlepool doll © AP

While many votes on “Great Election Day” in Great Britain are still being counted on Friday, Boris Johnson can indeed boast of success. For the first time in decades, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party stole the House of Commons mandate from Labor in Hartlepool, northeast England. In the by-elections, the candidate received a conservative Jill Mortimer Most of the votes, as announced by the Election Commission on Friday morning. The result in the home of Labor is a huge success for the Conservatives, who continue to score there through the Brexit cycle.

Johnson traveled to Hartlepool on Friday to complete Jill Mortimer Photo © AP

In local elections in large parts of England, it has also appeared Regions that voted for Brexit with a majority, are an electoral movement for the Conservatives. This confirms the trend that started two years ago in the general election and gave Johnson a big win.

The counting of the parliamentary elections was also eagerly anticipated on Friday Scotland wait. While the final result is not expected until Saturday, results in some contested constituencies could actually lead to a decision on Friday on whether Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party achieved an outright majority. The Scottish National Party hopes this will put pressure on London to hold a second independence referendum.

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The election expert said that the Labor Party still considers itself a workers’ party, but that this is no longer reflected in the polls. John Curtis From the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow to the BBC. “Workers must either find a strategy to get workers back in spite of Brexit or accept that they are now the party of youth, academics and social liberals.“Politics continues.

Khan befriended Luna’s dog Photo © AFP

At Mayoral elections in London It is a clear victory from the incumbent and L.Abu Politiker Sadiq Khan is expected. But the vote count will likely continue until Sunday.

“This is a historic finding,” said Amanda Milling, Vice President of the Conservative Party, in the first reaction. Prime Minister Johnson described the election victory as “very encouraging” and a sign that his government is focusing on people’s priorities and wants to get out of the pandemic as quickly as possible.

to Labor Chef Kerr Starmer, Who has been in office for a year, defeat means a bitter defeat setback. The by-elections have no direct bearing on the balance of power in London because the Conservatives in the House of Commons already enjoy a comfortable majority.

Hartlepool was still in the hands of the opposition even in the Labor Party’s historic defeat in the general election in December 2019, in which the Conservative Party managed to occupy dozens of Red Bastions. By-elections became necessary because incumbent Representative Mike Hill was forced to resign after allegations of sexual assault.

Both Johnson and Starmer traveled to the North Sea city with around 92,000 residents multiple times during the election campaign. It is also part of the European Union’s stronghold of opponents. In the 2016 Brexit referendum, nearly 70 percent of Hartlepool voters voted in favor of the UK’s exit from the European Union. Johnson was the spokesman for the European Union’s opponents and later pushed through Brexit as head of government against massive domestic political resistance.

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