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GrenzART Hollabrunn – When two artists start chatting, you can see it

GrenzART Hollabrunn – When two artists start chatting, you can see it

The truth has always been like this; Sometimes there seems to be more than one, and sometimes you search for them in vain. When it comes to “symbolic facts,” the scope of interpretation is of course much greater. This is more than desirable in the case of the upcoming exhibition at GrenzART Gallery. According to NöART's announcement, visitors can expect nothing less than “a dialogue between two artists that could not be more intense” on the theme: “Symbolic Truths.”

Vienna and Venice meet for art in Hollabrunn

This creative entertainment will open on Friday, April 5 at 7 pm at the “Einser” house in Sparkassegasse. However, it is probably true that Monica Cos Pico works in Vienna and that the second exhibiting artist, David Dalla Venezia – the name suggests – is in Venice. The exhibition has been conceptually assembled and organized by Saskia Seiler, who will certainly have a lot to say about the opposing duo of artists at the opening.

For example, Kus-Picco creates emotionally charged images of extraordinary power and intensity, which arise from her unusual technique of painting with pharmaceutical powder. In her case, the canvas becomes an “arena” in which chemical reactions take place. The Viennese artist with Brazilian roots prefers to work on large forms in a practical way. Their fantastic worlds meet the ancient master paintings of the Venetian architect Davide Dalla Venezia.

Almost forgotten drawing culture and mysterious content

He also goes his own way, and based on classical mythology, his works straddle tradition and modernity, on the one hand, reviving an almost forgotten painting culture and, on the other hand, skillfully mystifying its contents. This results in the desired constellation of “symbolic truths.” At vernissage on April 5th. The dignitaries are expected to be City Councilor for Culture Elisabeth Schütengruber Holle, NöART Director Roswitha Strehammer, and State Member of Parliament Richard Högel.

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The next day, the youngest art enthusiasts got their money's worth. As part of the art education programme, 'Symbolic Facts' will be available for people aged five and above to explore from 10am to 11.30am. The gallery itself is open until May 5 on Fridays from 3pm to 6pm and on weekends from 10am to 12pm.

It is not only symbolically true that the exhibition will also be held in September at the Kunsthaus in the Laa an der Thaya and at the Baden Haus der Kunst.