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Vernissage at the Theodor von Hörmann Imst Gallery: a large audience for Verena Zangerli’s “ABSTRAKTION”

Vernissage at the Theodor von Hörmann Imst Gallery: a large audience for Verena Zangerli’s “ABSTRAKTION”

IMST(RA). After the summer break, the Städtische Galerie Theodor resumed its cultural activities with the Verena Zangerle Celebration. The works of the artist, who grew up in Imst, can be viewed until October 28. Through two bodies of work, the exhibition invites you to explore two different technical paths and forms of expression, which merge into the common statement and hence the exhibition title “Abstraction”.

This is the Vienna-based artist’s first exhibition at Imster Stadtplatz Gallery. After studying at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna at the Institute of Fine and Media Arts, Graphic Department, it was the center of her life and thus the focus of her exhibition activity shifted to the federal capital. It was even more exciting to showcase the developments that have taken place in the past decades in our hometown. Verena Zangerli succinctly summarizes the current show and her general working process: “Like porcelain and elephants!” It points to the contradictions that occur both in internal processes and in the results visible from the outside.

Free and intuitive operations

Abstraction has always accompanied and fascinated Zangerle. Above all, it is the vast space of possibilities, the new and expressive possibilities with which she senses and creates her images. “With regard to media, I work in the fields of drawing, painting and printing. All these techniques have their own way, but what lies behind them all is the importance of the way of working and the creative process,” the artist explains of her intuitive working processes, which she unleashes, especially in large formats. Zangerle displays 32 exhibitions in the galleries of Imst. Artistically, she displays a spectrum that spans from oil on canvas, watercolour, etching, photo etching, lithography, screen printing and ballpoint pen drawing on paper.

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He stayed true to the line

The academic graphic designer has been working extensively with line drawings and engravings for over a decade. Straight lines that create organic forms define these works. It refers to the perception of the present time – reflecting both digital and analogue aspects. “I use a system whose only rule is a straight line, but I have no interest in producing an artistic drawing. Rather, it is the expressive potential that interests me, the point at which perception shifts and is no longer technical but organic, complex and real. For me, real appearance means everything.” “I love art, and it’s not like I have to do it, I love it,” says Zangerli, emphasizing her passionate style.

The colors are superimposed, and the layers are intense

The painter also builds and expands her oil paintings primarily on large formats. Colors are generously applied, layered together and on top of each other with a spatula, and condensed into expressive statements – the images, with their concentrated intensity, become a room-filling experience. Freed from specifications, it invites you to experience your art as you view it. Zangerle designed this gallery area in single images and series of two images each.

Well in the mood at first

Many visitors accepted the invitation to attend the opening of the exhibition. Guests were welcomed by cultural officer Barbara Hauser, who, according to her own statement, elicited “spontaneous awe” from the exhibits. Regina Churchenthaler served as eulogist. She emphasized Zangerli’s focus on the moment, which is crucial to the process, complexity and integrity of the business. Stams’ duo Jack & Ace made people sit up and take notice, and musically highlighted the evening with a wonderfully sophisticated performance. Playing guitar and singing, singer-songwriters Elias and Sarah Latta wowed the audience with their deep, original compositions. The newcomers, who are also siblings, are distinguished by grace and a lot of talent in their voices and instrumental accompaniment.

What: Abstract exhibition by Verena Zangerli

when: From September 8 to October 28, 2023, business hours are Thursday to Saturday from 2pm to 6pm, closed on public holidays

Municipal Gallery Theodor von Hormann, Stadtplatz 11, 6460 Imst

Supporting program: Saturday, October 7, 2023, the artist is present, Saturday, October 28, finishing.