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The “body of inspiration” goes to the end

The “body of inspiration” goes to the end

“The Body of Inspiration” is the name of the exhibition that takes place at the Angerlehner Museum and ends on Sunday, April 7. Finally, Wells-born Elisabeth Stumpvoll will devote herself one last time to the artists and their highly limited, high-quality printed works from 3 p.m. Most of the images come from the collections of the gallery owner Gmundin, who lived in France for many years and specialized in collecting lithographs and selling them there.

The heart of the exhibition is undoubtedly the “Vulard Pavilion” created by Pablo Picasso. The artist created about 100 charts under this collective term, which he named after the publisher and art dealer Ambroise Vollard. Experts consider this series one of the best works of graphic art of the twentieth century.

Guided tours of the exhibition are also available at Easter (11am and 3pm)

The end and the beginning

The end of “The Body of Inspiration” is also the beginning. Also on Sunday, April 7, the Angerlehner Museum invites you to attend the opening presentation of works by Marie Rupprecht at 11 am under the theme “The Space Between”. The FORUM exhibition at Stadtplatz 8 in Wels on Wednesday displays the works of graduates and students of the Linz University of the Arts under the slogan “VIS Á VIS”. The exhibition starts at seven in the evening


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