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Knights of the Old Republic Remake Likely to Be Canceled – SHOCK2

Knights of the Old Republic Remake Likely to Be Canceled – SHOCK2

Sony has removed all references to the remake of the classic RPG “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” from the Internet. This indicates that the game may have been stopped.

In September 2021, Sony announced a new version of the game in cooperation with Aspyr Media. The game was originally supposed to be released for the PlayStation 5. However, several problems arose during development. In mid-2022, it was announced that work on the game had been frozen. Development was later handed over to Saber Interactive.

Removing all references to the game from the internet is a clear sign of development problems. The game may not have lived up to the expectations of Sony or Embracer Group, the parent company of Aspyr Media and Saber Interactive.

It is also possible that Embracer Group has canceled the game due to the ongoing economic crisis. The company has announced significant cost-cutting measures in recent months, including closing studios and canceling projects.

Neither Sony nor Embracer have officially commented on the future of the game. However, it is likely that the new version will not be released anymore.

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