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GTA Online Exploit Warning: Player Accounts At Risk!

GTA Online Exploit Warning: Player Accounts At Risk!

A recently discovered exploit could allow hackers to gain access to game accounts in GTA Online.


Is your GTA Online account in danger? It appears that a recently discovered exploit in GTA 5 / GTA Online could allow a hacker to corrupt in-game files or delete your player account. Money, cars, real estate and more will disappear overnight. How big is the concern?

An online game the size of GTA Online is not without its risks! There have been hacks, exploits, and more in recent years, but it’s possible that a new vulnerability in GTA Online is more dangerous than anything we’ve seen before. Now a special warning comes out for PC players!

A new Twitter post from Tez2 reads: “Extreme new exploits have emerged that allow scammers to remotely access, remove or modify your stats and permanently damage your account.”

Huge Twitter exploit for GTA Online

What should you pay attention to? In principle, every PC player can be affected. Floorball tweeted: “It looks like your account is ‘damaged’ due to the recent RCE exploit on PC. Basically, trying to get online will get you stuck in the clouds indefinitely. – Now avoid GTA Online on PC.”

What’s worse than losing your player account in the game: gaining access to your computer. According to anti-cheat experts, there is a possibility that computer files may also be removed. The issue appears to be related to possible incorrect use of Guardian’s anti-cheat tool.

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The Twitter video on top of the globe shows the aftermath of your account being corrupted. The disabled accounts feature shown in the edit menu that originally caused this has been removed, but there are several accounts already affected.

What do I do? TezFunz2 on Twitter It is recommended to remove the Rockstar Games folder from Documents and then re-download the game to fix the corruption.

So far, Rockstar Games has not released any information about this bug in the game. Keep Rockstar Support Twitter account Learn more about exploiting the game.

GTA5 Available for Windows PC, PS5, PS4, PS3, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. The Online versions for PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles However, it has already been turned off. Meanwhile, Rockstar Games has also been developing GTA6 He admitted that he has not received a trailer or release date yet.