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Microsoft discontinues two versions of Windows: 3 million users have to act

If you are using Windows as the operating system on your computer, you should now interact. Because old variants can become a target for scammers.

Dortmund – People who currently rely on Microsoft for their computers need to be careful and check the version of the software they are using. Because the company no longer wants to support many variants of Windows and provide them with free updates.

Microsoft restricts customers – two versions of Windows before the end

With hacker attacks via emails and other computer software now circulating again, Windows PC owners need to act quickly. According to Microsoft, free updates are no longer available for older Windows systems since Tuesday (January 10). As a result, the security holes can no longer be plugged. Customers now have two (paid) options.

After Windows 7 ends support in 2020, Windows 8.1 is also affected. If you still want to continue using a system, you must use a paid offer from Microsoft. to me inside digital The company no longer offers support, but updates should still be available for a fee.

Getting the latest updates is especially important to protect yourself from hacking attacks by criminals. Updates also help ensure that the programs on your computer run as smoothly as possible. So it is not recommended to ignore Microsoft’s action (more News on digital topics in RUHR24).

Windows 7 and 8.1 coming soon – Microsoft is calling for new versions of software

Microsoft itself indicates that. For example, a newer version of Windows is required to use business software that belongs to Office and Microsoft 365. The most popular applications include Word, Excel, Teams, and Powerpoint. “To avoid performance and reliability issues, it is recommended to switch to a newer version of Windows,” advises Microsoft on its website.

Microsoft no longer wants to support two different types of Windows.

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Rather, according to computer image It may also be possible to upgrade Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems on your laptop for free. According to statistics from security company Eset, 47 million users already trust Windows 10 or the latest version, Windows 11. However, nearly three million people are said to have been affected by the support shutdown.

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