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GTFO: The surprise update brings new expeditions to the shooter

GTFO: The surprise update brings new expeditions to the shooter

Surprise: The co-op horror shooter GTFO has received a new update from the developer studio. This brings new content in the form of 13 more expeditions.

Surprisingly, the Swedish developers of 10 Chambers, consisting of ex-Payday developers, have given their co-op shooter GTFO a new content update with ALT://Rundown 5.0 Rebirth. Anyone who continues to play the title can now look forward to plenty of new content.

An additional 13 missions are included in this update, bringing the number of expeditions to 58 now. At the same time, the new patch is also the biggest addition on this front in the history of GTFO so far.

Robin Björkell of 10 Chambers says: “We’ve already released three major free updates to GTFO this year, adding new content and enhancing the story of the underground world of GTFO. With this rundown update, prisoners are sent deeper into the complex. There they are given the opportunity to get Information that will help them discover who they are and why. The search for who you are and why you are here continues.”

The scrap concept being played around GTFO brings regular updates with limited-time expeditions (maps, scenarios, enemies, etc.), which completely replace the previous intakes. These updates are free for all game owners.

GTFO – ALT://Rundown 5.0 Rebirth Trailer

In the surprisingly new update, the co-op shooter GTFO gets 13 new expeditions, among other things.

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