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Calibrite launches a new generation of display calibrators |  technology

Calibrite launches a new generation of display calibrators | technology

Calibrite LLC introduces two new monitor calibrators. Display Plus HL and Display Pro HL feature high-luminance sensors designed for more precise calibration and profiling of mini-LED and OLED displays primarily. Display Plus HL is suitable for particularly bright displays with up to 10,000 nits (1 lumens corresponds to 1 candela per square metre). All three devices build on X-Rite technology and expertise.

With 10,000 nits Display Plus HL Five times the luminance that current Display Plus can measure. This makes it suitable for very bright displays including Apple devices with XDR technology. Covers NTSC, PAL SECAM and ITU-R Rec.709 broadcast video standards as well as the BT.1886 tone curve of Rec.2020 – HDTV standard. Calibrite also recommends Display Plus HL for SDR and HDR applications. So it is suitable for high-end film production, editing, design, photography and more.

The new caliber Pro HL Show It also features significantly higher light metering capability than the current Display Pro. It enables accurate metering for displays with brightness up to 3,000 nits, including Apple XDR technology. The current device can only measure up to 1,000 lumens and is suitable for photographers and digital artists with high-quality image-processing monitors.

Additionally, Calibrite has an entry-level model SL show to improve. The new version is designed for SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) monitors and now measures up to 1,000 nits.

the Actual Calibrate PROFILER It supports all three new calibrators and, according to Calibrite, enables up to 30% faster calibration than previous software. A newly added feature is Projector Calibration, which allows users to create a custom profile for projectors or large screens to ensure optimal color accuracy and image quality. Calibrite PROFILER also provides fully customizable features for the new Plus HL and Pro HL calibrators. Users can precisely specify the white point, luminance, contrast ratio, and gamma.

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All three colorimeters have a USB-C connection and are supplied with a USB-A adapter so they can also connect to older computer models. A storage/transport bag is included with each device.

The new monitor calibrators can be pre-ordered and will ship from July 3, 2023. Prices are around €327 (Display Plus HL), €262 (Display Pro HL), and €179 (Display SL). For more information, see