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Building a private wind power plant in Reith/o: Pioneers of wind power despite headwinds

Building a private wind power plant in Reith/o: Pioneers of wind power despite headwinds

In Reith near Seefeld, the family is gradually expanding eco-energy generation from sun and wind. Pioneers were not stopped by headwinds from the authorities or lack of funding opportunities.

REITH/S. The wind turbines on the roof of the Ferschl family in Reith near Seefeld have been operating for only a few days. At the local inspection of BEZIRKSBLÄTTER, there was no sign of wind, it was raining cats and dogs: “We can’t say much yet, but we are confident that this will make us more independent,” explains the veterinarian Dr. Stefan Werchelwho is with his wife Alexandra He runs “Zirl Animal Ambulatory”. Both are convinced of sustainable energy production and have certainly run out of gas. The oil didn’t get into her house anyway.
But the Verschels know more about just how slow the authorities are when it comes to private sector green energy production and the hurdles they must overcome. Permissions and subsidies for environmentally conscious facilities can only be obtained with patience and perseverance.

Forest financing

The government promoted a campaign to get out of oil and gas It worked smoothly, Stephan said, the highly advertised support for the air heat pump was in place within 14 days of placing the order. It became even more difficult when buying a company car with a hybrid engine: it had to be sold immediately electric car Here – with all its in-house infrastructure – just so there was a support pot. “So we were forced to buy an electric car,” Alexandra explains.
Anyway, the electricity comes from the house photovoltaic systemthen desk mills run slower:

“There is funding from the state and society, but we are still waiting for it today. We either haven’t heard anything at all or it’s just been delayed, it takes 9 to 12 months for support to arrive,” he said.

explains the vet. There is also subsidy for PV systems from the municipality, but this is linked to the subsidy obligation from the state. So I mean wait. “We can afford it, but the home builders who want to invest here and rely on subsidies are left in a bind,” says Alexandra.

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“Wind power? Doesn’t exist!”

It takes more patience if you sign up as a private person wind power station “There is no wind,” the couple states, was one of their first answers when applying for a permit from the municipality.

“We wanted to add to our PV system for when the sun wasn’t shining. We’d seen on the Internet that there were smaller land-based power systems for private homes,” he says.

So brush. An inventor duo from Germany had the right system, so the project was started. Apparently there were no forms for this in society. In the end, the construction notice was sufficient, which was available in the summer of 2022. Two small wind turbines were ordered at the end of September. It is now newly installed on the roof. “Someone has to start with it,” says Wraith’s Special Energy Pioneers.

Wind energy is still in its infancy

Meanwhile, wind power, for the Greens as an environmentally justifiable and more landscape-friendly solution than hydropower, is still in its infancy in this country. Political headwinds are fading in these times when, in addition to summit junctions, wind turbines are suddenly a feasible and feasible in tourist country.
Compared to leaf mean live Governor Anton Mattel On the topic that wind turbines will contribute to the energy transition in Tyrol: “I’m sure there will be suitable sites for that.”
When asked about an example of such private initiatives in Reith near Seefeld, Mattel said:

“You have to find new concessions, all this also has an impact on neighboring rights. I think the legal framework is still in its infancy, you can draw on the experiences of other federal states, and this is also a matter for municipalities.”

Mattel himself had been experimenting with wind turbines privately for 20 years and wasn’t happy with them, though: “Galtur is a wind hole. But when it comes down to it, the doors are open for me.”
However, it will take time to make implementation easier for citizens and provide financing.

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The new downstairs system plays many pieces.

Pioneers in the private sector

If citizens go a step further and put this environmental form of electricity generation into practice, the authorities are not yet ready for this. The Verchells dared to take the lead. They also found an electric company and a foundry maker to install the roof. Here too, some experts first have to broaden their horizons and are skeptical at first. The Reithers are now delighted with their new purchase, which cost just over €3,000 each (excluding installation work).
The system is silent, does not disturb anyone, and uses the “Scharnitz wind from the north”, “This makes us more independent from the power grid, even when it’s dark,” Stefan says. “Dishwashers, washers and dryers can run well with this energy.”
The Ferschls are thrilled and feel good about taking another step toward energy independence with their systems.