Complete News World is now also available in Germany is now also available in Germany opens its first website in Germany, namely in Munich – but there, under the name However, Munich should not be the only location in Germany – wants to expand the delivery area to Frankfurt in the winter of 2021. other cities planned

Other cities such as Hamburg, Dortmund and Cologne will follow in 2022. The expansion is then supposed to reach “more than 15 million new potential customers”. is based on the same concept as in three hours – or any time – the startup delivers groceries and other everyday products to homes in Munich. We have the offer after starting Extensively tested.

Expansion into other countries is imminent

“At the beginning of March, we announced our first funding round and raised €190 million.Trending topics reported). Three months later, we raised another 100 million euros and achieved unicorn status. These investments demonstrate the confidence of our investors in the robust growth of the Rohlik Group,” explains Tomáš upr, founder and CEO of The Rohlik Group, which includes Gurkerl and Knuspr.

The money is used to grow more: “We are seen as a European company that is able to expand rapidly in the very difficult Western European markets. The additional capital helps us grow faster than originally planned and drives development and expansion into new markets, technical development of distribution centers We have the perfect implementation of innovation within the entire company. It allows us to bring the best people on board. Rohlic wants to enable people in Europe to eat better and live happier lives. In the near future, we will expand into Romania, Italy, France and Spain to become a leading European player.” the online food store is under test