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A YouTuber is developing a 3D printed wind wall to generate sustainable energy

A YouTuber is developing a 3D printed wind wall to generate sustainable energy

YouTube science Robert Murray Smith He deals with so-called wind walls in the video. These are structures that cause air movements to vibrate and can therefore generate energy.

According to Murray Smith, wind walls have great potential to harness even weak air currents to generate energy. It displays different types of cardboard, plastic and aluminum boxes and tests their efficiency.

YouTubers are particularly interested in Ugrinski’s genre, which is particularly effective. Using 3D printing, he also created a modular wind wall that can be expanded at will. It acts as an axial flow generator.

Using a fan and a light bulb, Murray Smith shows how it works. It is estimated that ten one-meter-high wind walls could produce half a kilowatt of power. He posts 3D printed model files on Thingiverse Free download available.

According to the YouTuber, wind walls have great potential as a decentralized and renewable energy source in the future. They can be produced in individual sizes inexpensively using 3D printing. Further developments are possible if more people become enthusiastic about this technology.

In the past we published an article about a similar project by Robert Murray Smith.

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