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Let's go on an adventure: we tested the Renault Trafic Camper for you!  in 5 minutes

Let’s go on an adventure: we tested the Renault Trafic Camper for you! in 5 minutes

So far I’ve only known the classics between campers – the caravan and the caravan. Renault Trafic Camber from the new range of products Eichelsdeer Auto Agency However, it offers the perfect blend of motorhome and everyday vehicle. We wanted to know more about it and tested the Wavecamper extensively for the weekend. You will find out what we went through in the following paragraphs.

With Renault Trafic Camper, the journey becomes an enjoyable journey.

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Let’s go on the trip!

It was clear to us – we want to head to an exceptional travel destination. After doing some research, we decided to choose Sirolo in Italy. Even a trip over six hours of pure driving time must be for Renault Trafic Camber A small test he passed with flying colors. Comfortable seats, plenty of space and 170 hp with automatic transmission and cruise control made the children’s journey enjoyable. with the foldable foldable tableOur daughter was able to spend time drawing and playing. across the Rear seats slide on railsAs parents, despite the size of the bus, it was always easy to get to us.

Enough space and a large table Let time pass quickly.

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Arrived at the destination

In the early afternoon we arrived at our destination Sirolo and were able to park the Wavecamper at the campsite and get it ready for our stay. First, we have them Parachute settingLet’s make ourselves comfortable in the shade in front of the wagon. Now the camping and vacation fun can begin. In the evening, when it got cooler, we enjoyed ourselves in the spacious interior of Renault Trafic Camber relaxing. Both are impressive Simple front driver’s seat And it can sit comfortably indoors.

Go to the turquoise blue sea

Anyone who visits the upper Adriatic often and thinks he knows Italy, will not believe what it looks like in this country in southern climates. The camp site was a little higher and we had a great view of the turquoise blue sea. With our camper parked properly it only took a few hand movements and our swimwear was moved from the trunk into daylight. across the spacious interior and the Many storage options We always had a perfect overview of our travel essentials.

Juhuuu, he finally went to the beach for a swim.

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Quickly remove the bathing suit from the trunk of the car…

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… Then we went to the sea where …

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… can enjoy the clear water and …

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…have a lot of fun together.

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warm nights

Renault Trafic Camper is a real space saver. This can be done in a few simple steps open the roof and one Comfortable bed Design for two people. With clouds It can also be small on the surface Window Open it with insect repellent has been submitted. So you have more light and fresh air in the camper in the evening. Inside too, a Lying area for two other people to unfold. To get more space, you can Slide the rear seats under the foldable bed. So we can move around freely in the stroller before or after bed. After the lights slowly went out in the camp, we fell asleep to the sounds of nature, like the sound of the sea.

It’s breakfast time

A special addition is that If necessary, the upper deck can be folded up toward the deckSo that you can comfortably stand in the cart. This makes it easy to prepare breakfast without bending over. Occupation kitchen block With refrigerator, two gas stoves and one banks With a glass cover, we were able to meet the needs of ourselves on our journey. We found it particularly practical Folding table can also be installed outdoors with stand. to me Electricity demandTo cover the extra heater, there are also refrigerator and charging ports Extra battery Built-in, automatically charged by a solar panel on the roof. Comfortably in the shade of our sun canopy, with a view of the sea, we enjoyed our breakfast and planned the rest of the day.

The false surface of the loft bed can be opened so that you can comfortably stand inside.

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The spout can be folded and you can easily cook food on the gas stove.

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There is enough storage space for crockery and cutlery in the shop.

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The foldable table can also be set up outside with a stand.

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small trip

On our daily trip to Portonovo, there is another advantage of Renault Trafic Camper. Wavecamper is Very flexible and maneuverable and it is much easier to find a parking spaceFrom a large mobile home. In no time after breakfast, we were ready to go. A folding table is installed inside again, the canopy is folded, the roof is folded up and we are out. After our visit to the beach, we finally managed it outdoor shower tests. can take a shower Built with an open trunk and with one Water tank is provided. So we can wash the salt off our skin.

And then, we were ready for a day trip to Portonovo Bay in just a short time.

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On the way home again

After exciting days and warm nights with es Renault Trafic Camber We started our journey home with one sad and one smiling eye. Camping is more than an attitude towards life, it is a feeling of infinite freedom. If you want to discover new places, the weather may change or the neighbors in the tent can be noisy – then pull up your sunshade and continue your journey! If you are thirsty for adventure, it is best to stop at an Aichlseder car dealership and get advice!

After an exciting weekend with Renault Trafic Camper, we are back home.

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