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GZSZ star Timur Ulker: "I'm so proud": a golden photo with his son

GZSZ star Timur Ulker: “I’m so proud”: a golden photo with his son

GZSZ star Timur Ülker is an absolute family man. On Instagram, he now congratulated his son on his second birthday and posted a cute photo.

GZSZ star Timur Ülker (32) always likes to show what is most important to him besides his career: time with his partner Caroline Steinhof (31) and The two children, Elijah (6) and Ilay (2). For Ilay’s second birthday, the proud dad is now posting a sugar-sweetened photo on Instagram showing him and his son.

In addition to acting, Timur Ulker also works as a musician

Since 2018, Timur Ulker has played the role of Nihat Günay in “”good times bad times– And so I got it with “Nohad – Everything in the Beginning” its own cross. In the mini-series, the young man searches for his true origins and faces some difficult situations as a result. The spin-off aired on RTL at the end of September.

In addition to acting, Timur Ulker is also a singer. For example, he associates a song he produced himself on his Instagram profile with the appropriate title “Birthday”.

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Young son Eli cuddles closely with Baba Timur Ulker

The photo shows Timur Ulker, sitting on a sunny balcony with his son on his lap and holding him tightly in his arms. Little Ilay has a pacifier in his mouth and cuddles very close to his dad.

GZSZ stars posted a touching photo: “Papa Who Loves You”

The 32-year-old writes: “Eli Kahn, my prince. I’m proud as much as I have mastered from the first two years of your life so far.” A twinkle in his eye adds the actor: “And cause chaos in the whole house!” Of course, the little latecomer sometimes argues with his sister, as Timur recalls, “but that’s also part of it.” Finally, the father of the family once again congratulates his son on his birthday and ends with: “Loving Daddy.”

Daughter Ilya had to have an operation on her eyes at a young age

Even if Timur Ülker is currently swimming in a wave of success, it was not easy for him at the beginning of his career as an actor. In 2015, he and Caroline lived of luxuryAs he describes in his autobiography, Shadow Boxing – Why Surrender Is Not an Option: My Path from Hearts IV to TV Star, published in 2021.

In addition, the couple had to deal with a severe blow of fate: when their daughter Ilya was born in January 2015, the parents received a devastating diagnosis that the little girl could be blind. But Timur and his partner did not lose hope and found a doctor who could help them. The six-year-old can now see normally with the help of glasses.

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